Tobacco Cessation

ACC is Smoke and Tobacco Free

The College provides a smoke and tobacco free environment for all College vehicles, facilities and campuses. ACC prohibits the use, distribution, and/or sale of tobacco, smoke and nicotine vapor products and devices by any person on all premises. View the Board Policy/Adminstrative Rule.

Tobacco Cessation Resources
We know how difficult it is to quit smoking and eliminate tobacco use. Austin Community College would like to support your efforts to become healthier. A number of options exist from quit lines to text messaging support to community classes that will guide you through this process. Please consider one of the following resources.

Quit Lines and Health Coaching
American Cancer Association Quit for Life 1-877-937-7848

You’ll receive personalized support and the tools and strategies to help you become smokeand tobacco-free. This clinically proven program is free and confidential, helping you stay focused on your personal reasons for quitting. You’ll have someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through. And best of all, the program of professional support can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking. 1-877-448-7848

Receive information and advice about quitting smoking through real-time text messaging with a smoking cessation counselor from The National Cancer Institute. Support via LiveHelp is offered in English only, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Program provides 24/7 encouragement, tips, advice and help. Register for Smokefree texts alerts.

National Cancer Institute 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-448-7848) Free Help to Quit Smoking

Talk with an NCI smoking cessation counselor to get help quitting and answering smoking-related questions in English or Spanish – call toll free within the United States, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Employees who HealthSelect Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) or Consumer Direct medical plans:
Improve your health and the way you feel by breaking the habit. Our holistic health approach can help inspire and support you each step of the way.An integrated team of clinicians will build a customized plan to help you quit tobacco. You’ll cover the basics of tobacco cessation, set goals, get rid of barriers, find healthy choices and learn how to notice and manage triggers. Call a Personal Health Assistant to get you started: (800) 252-8039

Community Cessation Class

Seton Tobacco Education Resource Center 512.324.3320

The Seton Tobacco Education Resource Center offers cessation classes that are based on the Mayo Clinic Model for treating tobacco dependence. Sessions follow a support group setting and are facilitated by Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS). Through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches, the content focuses on neurobiology of addiction, pharmacotherapy, and relapse prevention. The class is $200/participant.

  • No shame, guilt or scare tactics involved
  • 6-weeks class
  • On-site facilitator
  • Sessions last 60-90 minutes (based on client preference)
  • Individualized Quit Plans
  • Gets the participant ready to quit

Tobacco Cessation Helpful Booklets

American Cancer Society – Guide to Quitting Smoking

This guide includes:

  • Why is it so hard to smoking?
  • Making the decision to quit smoking
  • What are the immediate rewards of quitting smoking?
  • Other methods for quitting smoking
  • Steps for long term success
  • Special concerns after quitting smoking

American Cancer Society – Guide to Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

This guide includes:

  • What do I need to know about quitting?
  • Why is it so hard to quite smokeless tobacco?
  • How does smokeless affect your health?
  • Getting help with the mental part of addiction to smokeless tobacco
  • A word about success rates for quitting smokeless tobacco
  • Setting a date and making a plan to quit
  • Special concerns after quitting smokeless tobacco