Resilience is defined as the ability to quickly recover from difficult challenges.  Building Resiliency helps us to handle daily hassles and stress more effectively.  Below are some webinars we recommend on the topic of resiliency:

Learn how simple changes can lead to improved productivity, mental energy, stronger health and well-being. No matter what your age, Dr. Chapman will inspire you to use the power of your mind as she provides practical strategies to improve your own brain health. 

  • Coping Strategies to Build Resilience with Kevin Gilliland, Ph.D.–  Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had more challenges than we could have possibly imagined. In this webinar, we discuss coping strategies that can help us deal with challenges most effectively. You will take away strategies from this webinar that will help you build mental, physical, and emotional resilience to prepare you for the next challenge you face. 

About the Speaker:  Kevin Gilliland, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, researcher, professor, professional speaker, business owner, and a master communicator in the world of psychology. As part of the Naturally Slim team, he teaches strategies to help people build resilience, improve their health and quality of life. Kevin specializes in mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and addiction. He lives in the D/FW area with his wife and three children and is also an avid outdoorsman and a three-time Ironman triathlete.