Wellness on Campus

“Who They Are and What They Do”

Each ACC campus has a wellness team leader(s). They are your connection to activities happening on site. Please contact them with questions about classes or other wellness related activities or to make suggestions.

Campus Wellness Champions

Campus Wellness Champions
Cypress Creek
Jonathan Buckstead jrb@austincc.edu 512.223.2132
Martha Dorow martha.dorow@austincc.edu 512.223.2014
Ann Palmer apalmer@austincc.edu 512.223.5172
Ben Mathey bmathey@austincc.edu 512.223.5105
Julia Maffei jmaffei@austincc.edu 512.223.5114
Peg Raiford raiford@austincc.edu 512.223.5228
Barry Perez barry.perez@austincc.edu 512.223.9403
Marieline McGee mlmcghee@austincc.edu 512.223.9423
Melissa Brown mbrown@austincc.edu 512.223.1674
Zuleyka Izquierdo zuleyka.izquierdo@austincc.edu 512.223.3165
James Molloy jmolloy@austincc.edu 512.223.1686
Highland Bus.
Audrey Yates audrey.yates@austincc.edu 512.223.7699
Leah Jensen Leah.jensen@austincc.edu 512.223.7252
Highland Cam
Aaron Riethmayer ariethma@austincc.edu 512.223.7309
Deborah Morales dmorales@austincc.edu 512.223.7445
Cameron Derbyshire cameron.derbyshire@austincc.edu 512.223.4882
Farrah Keeler fkeeler@austincc.edu 512.223.4113
Sarah Piechowicz sarah.piechowicz@austincc.edu 512.223.4731
Rio Grande
Latoya Dixon latoya.dixon@austincc.edu 512.410.1864
Jody Klinger jklinger@austincc.edu 512.223.6012
Laura Tabor Huerta ltabor@austincc.edu 512.223.9191
Myra Guzman mguzman3@austincc.edu 512.223.6057
Sarah Friedrich sarah.friedrich@austincc.edu 512.223.6161
Round Rock
Janelle Townsel Janelle.townsel@austincc.edu 512.223.0041
Mireya Garza mireya.garza@austincc.edu 512.223.0001
Tekita Coffey tekita.coffey@austincc.edu 512.223.0028
Veronica Cook vcook@austincc.edu 512.223.0166
San Gabriel
Janelle Green janelle.green@austincc.edu 512-223-2517
Kathryn Lessley klessley@austincc.edu 512-223-2630
Lola Cowling Watters lcowling@austincc.edu 512.223.2560
Marie Ostermeier marie.ostermeier@austincc.edu 512.223.2545
Service Center
Christine Okanla cokanla@austincc.edu 512.223.1310
Erika Becker erika.becker@austincc.edu 512.223.1261
Jasmin Rostamnezhad jasmin.rostamnezhad@austincc.edu 512.223.1004
Kathy Hagler thagler@austincc.edu 512.223.1169
Lara Niles lniles@austincc.edu 512.223.1243
Mayra Espinoza mgarcia6@austincc.edu 512.223.1171
Richard Anderson randers5@austincc.edu 512.223.1259
South Austin
Laura De La Rosa ldelaros@austincc.edu 512.223.9101
Melissa Griffith melissa.griffith@austincc.edu 512.223.9154
Tim Kelly tkelly2@austincc.edu 512.223.9106

Mauri Winters, Employee Wellness Coordinator, 512-223-7577

  • Helps create and implement wellness activities and initiatives at their campus in collaboration with the employee wellness coordinator.
  • Provides a focal point for disseminating information to employees on their campus
  • Attends regular district-wide wellness meetings throughout the year.

*Wellness Activities can be anything from workshops, lunch and learns, health support groups, healthy competitions, wellness carnivals,etc