Become An Exercise Star

ACC’s annual ‘Become an Exercise Star’ incentive program is a fun and motivating  exercise incentive program. Employees track their exercise minutes over a pre-determined period of time and log those minutes onto their campus Star spreadsheet each week. Employees can earn bonus minutes by participating in individual and group activities throughout the challenge. Individual employee minutes all count toward a campus to campus competition. Dr. Rhodes recognizes the ‘Most Active Campus’ in an awards ceremony each year.

2019 Exercise Star Results:
  • 350 ACC faculty and staff participated in this spring’s Exercise Star Challenge coordinated by the ACC Employee Wellness Program.  The Challenge ran from February 10 through April 21.
  • Together, employees logged a whopping 670,366 minutes — that’s 465 days of continuous exercise!  57% of the registered participants met the exercise goal for their fitness level.
Overall top “stars” for the ten-week challenge were:

Most Active Campuses

Dr. Richard Rhodes presented awards for the Top Individual Stars and Most Active Campuses at Wellness-Fest 2019 that was held in the Eastview campus courtyard on April 26.

See Results from 2017

For more information about this event, contact Mauri Winters in the HR Benefits office at 512-223-7577.