By | September 6, 2023
Welcome everyone to the new academic year! 

Hopefully you are already settled with your courses and having a smooth transition into the new academic year.

I would like to thank the previous Senate for their hard work this past year and Nancy Stano for her effective leadership.

We had our Senate Retreat on August 18 and Senators brought forward some short term and long term goals for the Senate. Among these are:

*Equitable classrooms and campus facilities across the district
*Evaluating the state of dual credit
*Advocate for student private spaces to use on campuses
*Build a strong relationship with the new Chancellor
*Increasing  awareness of faculty advancement opportunities
*Explore multi-generational differences among faculty

Looking at these and the many others I did not include tells me we are up for a very energetic and busy year at the Senate.

Finally, let me introduce myself.  I am a professor in the Math department and have been at the college since 1991.  I have worn different hats during my years here, including being a Faculty Senate president about 10 years ago.

Welcome and do not hesitate to drop me a line or visit.
[email protected] 
Upcoming Senate Meeting: Call for Agenda Items
Our next Senate meeting is Friday, September 8 (12:00 – 1:30 pm at HLC 4.1130.02 and via Zoom). Everyone is invited to attend, not just Senators.

If you have items you would like to see considered for the agenda, please reach out to Juan Molina at [email protected].
ACC has a New Chancellor
Our new Chancellor is Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart. He has served as president of Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas, since 2014.  Previously served as vice president of academic affairs at that institution as well. He received a bachelor’s degree in speech communication and rhetoric from West Texas State University, a master’s degree in communication studies from Texas Tech University, and a doctorate in interpersonal communication (with an emphasis on gender and diversity) from Ohio University. Dr. Lowery-Hart  joins us at ACC on October 1
Service to Faculty Senate Committees
The Senate is looking for faculty members to serve in the following committees:

*Facilities Committee (4 vacancies).  This committee considers matters relating to faculty concerns about the condition of the physical facilities of the College and also the long-range planning for future facilities.
*Policy and Procedure Committee (4 vacancies).  This committee considers policy and procedures affecting full-time faculty and brings recommendations to the Senate about such matters, and (if so directed by the Senate) communicates with appropriate administrators about the same.
*Salary and Benefits Committee (1 vacancy). This committee studies matters relating to faculty salaries and non-salary employee benefits, brings recommendations to the February Senate meeting about such matters, and (if so directed by the Senate) communicates with appropriate administrators at the same time).

If interested, send me a note at [email protected].
50 Years of ACC
Our College is celebrating its 50 years!  For many of us ACC has shaped our lives and now we can share our story and participate in the events celebrating this anniversary.
Go to for more information.