CNBT 1446 Construction Estimating I


or department approval

Fundamentals of estimating materials and labor costs in construction.

Students learn the basics of cost estimating and how to develop takeoffs to create estimates for equipment, labor and materials for a project. Students will read blueprints and interpret building specifications to verify dimensions, components and the total count of those components.

Topics include

  1. Instruction in estimating
  2. Contracts, bonds and insurance
  3. Specifications
  4. The estimate
  5. Overhead and Contingencies
  6. Labor and equipment
  7. Excavation, Concrete
  8. Wood, framing
  9. Thermal and moisture protection
  10. Doors and windows
  11. Finishes: Exterior and Interior
  12. Final: Estimating a house plan

Syllabus is available on the current semester’s schedule page

Want some practice estimating with a spreadsheet?

Use this Cost To Build A House guide (PDF) with the provided spreadsheet template:

  1. Log into a Gmail account such as your ACCMail or general Gmail. If you are not logged into GMail, you can only download the spreadsheet and open it in Excel.
  2. Open the Estimate Template Spring 2015. This is View Only so no changes can be made
  3. Click File > Make a copy. Optionally change the name, Copy of Estimate Template Spring 2015 to whatever you wish.
  4. Now the spreadsheet is in your Drive; you can open it and begin working on the exercise.

Need to review spreadsheet basics? View or download the handout Using Spreadsheets for Construction (PDF). This is written for Microsoft Excel and also works for Google Sheets, which all ACC students have as part of their ACCMail.

Using Google Docs – a step by step guide.  This guide describes how to create, upload, etc. documents (similar to Microsoft Word) but all of the information is the same for the Google spreadsheets.





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