WDWK 1400 Beginning Woodworking

The first course in a logical sequence of courses in which students learn to build wood projects using dados, rabbets, and tongue and groove joints.

Students begin to develop woodworking skills by working on a variety of projects,starting with rough carpentry and progressing to finished carpentry. These projects MAY include building a sawhorse, steps, small Nantuckett bench, garden bench and hardwood end table.

Different classes may build different projects at the instructor’s discretion. All projects are chosen with the goal of learning how to use dados, rabbets, and tongue and groove joints.

Course syllabus is available on the current semester’s schedule page

Student provided tools* photos

  • protective eyewear (MANDATORY)
  • hearing protection (highly recommended)
  • tape measure, 12 ft or 16 ft
  • square (triangle “speed” square) and/or combination square
  • carpenter’s pencils
  • woodworking chisels
  • notebook paper and folder for handouts
  • closed-toe shoes – NO sandals or open-toe shoes

*Each instructor may require slightly different tools; see that instructor’s syllabus for their specific list.

 Photos of possible projects


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