WDWK 2459 Advanced Woodworking

Prerequisite: WDWK 2405 Intermediate Woodworking .

The third course in a sequence of courses in which students develop skills of building fine furniture. Emphasizes design and function. Students will build a quality piece of furniture.

This course offers advancing students of woodworking the opportunity to learn techniques of hardwood furniture construction and component design from an instructor with extensive experience in designing and building hardwood furniture. The instructor chooses the project.

One possible project is building a side table designed by the instructor with a drawer and a bottom shelf using material that the student will supply.

Another project (taught by another instructor) is a small wall cabinet using bent lamination techniques, vacuum bagging, veneering, and fitted inset doors. Traditional joinery techniques such as mortise and tenon and dovetailing are included in the project as well.

Material needed for the side table is approximately 17 board feet. Woods such as Cherry or Walnut cost $7 or more per board foot.

Course syllabus is available on the current semester’s schedule page

Handouts from classes (PDF)

Note: these handouts are only for guidelines; Professor Colca may update them, and students in other instructors’ classes build other projects.

Overview of information covered by Professor Colca

Lumber list for side table

Photos of building a wall cabinet



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