BIOL 1406 – Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab Manuel, 12 ed.

Written by:
Biology 1406 Faculty
Austin Community College

Contributing writers:
Salvatore Tavormina, Patricia Phelps, David Froehlich, Jacquelyn Jarzem, and Linnea Fletcher

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Biol 1406 Lab Introduction

Biol 1406 Safety Worksheet


Exercise 1–How do scientists collect and analyze data?

Exercise 2–How do scientists prepare solutions with specific concentrations of solutes?

Exercise 3–A. Understanding pH and buffers; B. Introduction to the brightfield microscope

Exercise 4–Cell structure and diversity

Exercise 5–How are substances transported within cells and across cell membranes?

Excercise 6–What factors affect enzyme activity?

Exercise 7–How is thin layer chromatography used to separate a mixture of molecules?

Exercise 8-1–How can α-lactalbumin be separated from the other molecules in milk?

Exercise 8-2–What is the concentration of protein in your milk fractions?

Exercise 8-3–How can gel electrophoresis be used to separate the proteins present in your milk fractions?

Exercise 8-4–How can gel electrophoresis be used to analyze the milk fractions that were collected during your purification of α-lactalbumin?

Exercise 9-1–Transformation of E. coli and digestion of plasmid DNA with restriction enzymes

Exercise 9-2–Which unknown plasmid sample had no plasmids, which had non-recombinant pUC18 plasmids, and which had recombinant pUC18 plasmids?

Exercise 10–Using Biological Databases on the Internet




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