Schedule Changes / Overloads / Level Changes


  • Keep in mind that the decision to accept a student as an overload is at the instructor’s discretion. If an instructor declines your request, please be considerate of their decision. It’s important to understand that these requests aren’t handled automatically or guaranteed.
  • To help expedite the processing of your request, we strongly advise you to submit your latest and most comprehensive UNOFFICIAL transcript when you email the instructor.  Taking this proactive measure will significantly enhance the likelihood of a timely response from the instructor and the Biology department.  We highly recommend that you seize this opportunity to maximize your chances of success. In turn, the Biology department can promptly process more requests efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Registration Liaisons will refer all students back to the Biology department for ALL schedule changes, overloads, level changes and informal transfers.
  • Due to fire and safety guidelines the Biology Department WILL NOT OVERLOAD any lecture & lab class or lab only class that is held face-to-face.
  • The processing of overload requests will not be handled until ALL waitlist have been cleared (killed), which typically happens on the Wednesday before the semester/session begins. This way, if a seat becomes available, it can be allocated to the next person on the waitlist, rather than going to the person requesting an overload (who’s not the next person on the waitlist).

​As of Fall 2014, “students cannot enroll in a course after the teaching session has started if they have not already registered for any courses in that teaching session.” ~ ACC ends late registration for new students (posted on 06/23/2014) Students are encouraged to register for courses in a teaching session that starts in a later session. All schedule change requests submitted after census/official reporting date (last day to drop without a W) will NOT be processed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

As a side note, the Biology department does not handle any payment or payment arrangements.  If you need to inquire about either those please contact the Cashier’s office.  You can call 512-223-4636 or email [email protected].

Kindly note that our process ensures that we review each request in the order they are received to ensure fairness.  Please be patient as we follow this process and refrain from reviewing requests out of order.  Reviewing another request ahead of yours would not be fair and vice versa, as we uphold a strict first-come, first-served policy.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following our process.

BEFORE reaching out to the instructor or the Biology department for assistance students should:

Obtain the following information:

  1.    your ACCeID (i.e. 0101010)
  2.    course name  (i.e. BIOL 2401)
  3.    section number  (i.e. 001)
  4.    course synonym  (i.e. 55225)
  5.    name of the instructor for the course they would like to add
  6.    copy of your unofficial transcript to provide as prerequisite(s) proof of completion, if necessary.

There are a few things to consider:

    • You will incur a 30% forfeiture fee.  You will be refunded 70% of the class you are dropping and charged 100% of the class you are adding.  This will only apply if you are dropping and adding a class AFTER adds and drops.  IMPORTANT:  Review the consequences of dropping or withdrawing from a class.  
    • The cost of a textbook, the required textbook(s) if you decide to change instructor or instructional method may increase the cost of your class.
    • Blackboard access will take up to 24 hours after the paperwork has been processed.

    • It is your responsibility to work with the instructor to get caught up with the rest of the class.


1.) Contact the instructor via email and request permission to be added to their class. Include complete class information (i.e. BIOL 2401 001 55525). Be sure to include a copy of your unofficial transcript to provide as prerequisite(s) proof of completion, if necessary.

2.) After you have permission from the instructor, students can forward the email granting permission to Linda Dehning via email at [email protected].  Be sure to include your ACCeID, when communicating with staff, so that we can find you easily in the system.

3.) If you are currently enrolled in a class of the same type you are enrolling in, you will have to drop that class before Admissions and Enrollment will process your schedule change request.

  • The schedule change process only allows for a student to change sections between non-equivalent courses and within the same session or not within the same session.  For example, you accidentally registered for BIOL 2420 16-wk and you changed your mind and decided to take BIOL 1407 8-wk (because you previously had BIOL 1406).  This would be a schedule change.
  • The level change process only allows for a student to change classes that are not equivalent but a step down or up and within the same session.  This means both classes must have the same start and end dates, you can not have one 8-week session course and one 16-week session course.  A level change would be if you go from BIOL 2404 to BIOL 2401, or vice versa.  Or if you are enrolled in BIOL 1407 but should be in BIOL 1406 this is a level change. If you are enrolled in BIOL 2420 to BIOL 2404 or vice versa, this is not a level change. Please reach out to to inquire if you are eligible for a level change.

4.) Wait patiently. Once the paperwork has been submitted to be processed, please be diligent about checking your account for the update.  Please make payment or payment arrangements according to the current payment deadlines or you will be dropped for non-payment at 11:59 pm from the class on the payment deadline and we will not repeat this process to get you back in.

ACC’s policy on Schedule Changes

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