Schedule Changes / Overloads

Before reaching out to the Biology department for assistance students should:

  1.   Obtain the following information:

    • section number

    • course synonym

    • name of the instructor for the course they would like to add;    THEN

  2.   Contact the instructor via email and request permission to be added to their class.

NOTE:  Due to fire and safety guidelines the Biology Department WILL NOT OVERLOAD any class that is held face to face.

After you have permission from the instructor, students can forward the email granting permission to Linda Dehning via email at [email protected].  Be sure to include your ACCeID, when communicating with staff, so that we can find you easily in the system.

Once the paperwork has been submitted to be processed, please be diligent about checking your account for the update.  Please make payment or payment arrangements no later than 11:59 pm same day or you will be dropped for non-payment from the class and we will not repeat this process to get you back in.

After adds and drops (the first two days of each semester), you will incur a 30% forfeiture fee.  You will be refunded for 70% of the class you are dropping and charged 100% for the class you are adding.  This is ACC’s policy.

All schedule change requests submitted after census/official reporting date (last day to drop without a W) will NOT be processed.  No exceptions.

As a side note, the Biology department does not handle any payments or payment arrangements. If you need to inquire about either of those please contact the Cashier’s office. You can email [email protected].

ACC’s policy on Schedule Changes