Refrigeration and Heating Trainers

These are a few of the refrigeration and heating trainers available to the students to learn how heating and refrigeration systems work.

Faults are programmed into both of the refrigeration trainers so that students can practice their troubleshooting skills. The Hampden trainer uses R-134a refrigerant and the Scott trainer employs R-12.

The Scott refrigeration trainer is used in classes 1407 Refrigeration Principles and 2431 Advanced Electricity for HVAC.

Hampden 134A trainer
Hampden 134A refrigeration trainer used in 1407-Refrigeration Principles
Scott R12 refrigeration trainer
Scott R12 refrigeration trainer used in 1407 Refrigeration Principles and 2431 Advanced Electricity

Heating and cooling trainer (electric heat strips) with programmable faults used in class 2441 Commercial Air Conditioning

Black light schematic board
Black light schematic board used in 2441 Commercial Air Conditioning
Electric Heat Service trainer
Electric Heat Service trainer










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