AAS Degree

The Associate of Applied Science degree (catalog information) program consists of 60 credit hours and is often referred to as the “two year” program.  It is a continuation of the Certificate program.

Students who want the Associates Degree must complete all courses in the certificate and continue into the degree classes.

The certificate  includes Heat Pumps, System Design, and the Mechanical Code. The degree program progresses into Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment and systems.

After completing the Associates Degree, the student should have the knowledge, skills and abilities to work in either residential, commercial or industrial refrigeration or air conditioning. Commercial/Industrial tech positions usually pay more than a residential A/C tech.

Before registering for the advanced classes in the degree plan, students must complete the classes in the Certificate program. Technicians who are already working in the industry and wish to get advanced training should contact the department chair.

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