HVAC Training Equipment

A wide variety of equipment is available to students while they practice their lab exercises and diagnose and repair residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration units. The HART department is equipped with both modern state of the art equipment and also older systems for the students’ practice and learning.

Why train on the antiquated equipment? To gain experience needed in the real world.

On service and maintenance service calls the technician often has to work on older equipment. Some equipment operates effectively upwards of 25 years. Customers are often reluctant to replace or update due to the expense and expect the technician to have the knowledge and skills to make the necessary repairs. Thus, the learning experience gained in the classroom on the variety of older and newer equipment is invaluable on the job.

Circuit boards used in introductory classes

Students may begin working with circuit boards or individual components such as compressors. This gives them easy access to all the components. They may then move on to the actual equipment. Some boards have labels to identify their components and the classes and the specific lab lab exercises that use them.

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Trainers used by students

Hampden 134A refrigeration trainer
Hampden 134A refrigeration trainer
Electric Heat Service trainer
Electric Heat Service trainer
heating and cooling trainer with heat strips
Heating and cooling trainer (electric heat strips) with programmable faults






Scott R12 refrigeration-trainer
Scott R12 refrigeration trainer














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