HART 2188 Internship HVAC/R Technology

Prerequisite:HART 2431 Advanced Electricity for HVAC

The Intern course is where the rubber meets the road. The internship provides the student the opportunity to experience first-hand, actual installation and/or service calls in residential and/or commercial systems. This course is referred to as the “Capstone Experience”.

The student is teamed up with a HVAC contractor after he/she is screened with a drug test and driving record and background check. The student rides with either a supervisor or a lead HVAC technician and goes out on actual service calls.

This course requires a minimum of 120 hours of in-field experience, with the student documenting each visit, the problem, the troubleshooting process, and the repairs completed. Once a week the student submits the documentation to the instructor.

A portion of the final grade is the contractor’s evaluation of the student’s performance on the field visits.

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