HART 2445 – Residential Air Conditioning Systems Design

Prerequisite: HART 2431 Advanced Electricity for HVAC

In this course, the students study the properties of air and results of cooling, heating, humidifying or dehumidifying and heat gain and heat loss calculations including equipment selection and balancing the air system.

There are a series of lab exercises in the course relating to the different concepts presented in the course materials. These exercises culminate with the “Whole House Worksheet”.

The students are led through the course using the following ACCA manuals:

  • Manual D – Air Flow and Duct Design
  • Manual J – Load Calculation, Winter Heat Loss & Summer Heat Gain
  • Manual S – Residential Heating and Cooling Equipment Selection

In addition, the Airflow Characteristics & Diagnostics workbook is used to develop and understand the fundamentals of Airflow.

This course is normally offered in the Spring semester but more frequently when the student demand warrants more classes.


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