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Professional Nursing Student Resources

  • Textbooks:
    Refer to the ACC Bookstore for all required textbooks and course materials.  Level 1 students will find all their course materials on the ACC Bookstore website under course RNSG 1413.
  • Required ATI/EHR Tutor Software subscription:
    Beginning in the Spring 2024 semester the EHR Tutor subscription fee will be bundled with the ATI Resource Fee.  For the Fall 2023 semester students will be sent an email with additional information to purchase the add on through Marketplace as soon as it is available.

    • DO NOT activate your EHR software subscription until instructed by your Faculty.


ADN TEAS ADMISSION TESTING (for students APPLYING to the Nursing program):


For INCOMING (Accepted) Students and CURRENT Students ONLY:

As a course requirement in every level of the program, students will be required to take an ATI Exit Exam.  Each Exit Exam will be scheduled during class time at the end of each semester as your progress through the program levels.  The purpose of these exams are to analyze students’ ability to apply key concepts taught during the semester. In Level 4, all students are required to take the ATI Exit Exam to evaluate their readiness for the NCLEX examination. Students are responsible for the cost of these exams. Included in this cost will provide students with access to the ATI resources, case studies and practice exams, which are a valuable addition to your learning.  The ATI Resource fee not only pays for the exam, it gives students continued access to their resources each semester.  All students must pay this fee every semester (with the exception of Summer).

Students with a voucher from Capital Idea or Workforce will upload a copy of their voucher for this requirement each semester.

  • Traditional Track ATI (fka HESI Payment Receipt) Resource Fee/EHR Tutor Access Levels 1-4 – Pay online via the ACC Marketplace each semester as you progress through the program.
  • Mobility Track ATI (fka HESI Payment Receipt) Resource Fee/EHR Tutor Access Levels 1-3 – Pay online via the ACC Marketplace each semester as you progress through the program.

Eastview Campus: The nursing computer lab is located in Rm. 8303. Computers for Health Sciences students are also available in Rm. 9209 between scheduled classes.

Round Rock Campus: The nursing computer lab is located in Rm. 3334.01 and is only available to students who are currently enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing Program. The nursing testing center is located in Rm. 3334.03.

For students not currently enrolled in a nursing program, other computer labs are available.

All students who withdraw from a Professional Nursing program for any reason, (personal, academics, not meeting clinical standards, check-off etc.) must schedule an Exit Interview with the Assistant Department Chair at their assigned campus via email within a week of stopping attendance.

It is the student’s responsibility to use ACC’s Online Services to withdraw from all courses prior to the withdrawal deadlines set by the college.

Re-enrollment: When you are ready, please fill out the Request Course Re-enrollment Form. Once received, it will take two to three weeks to obtain a response from the Admissions Committee. Please review the re-admission deadlines in the current semester’s student handbook.

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Professional Nursing Updates

  • ACC and AFD Celebrate Five Years of Red Angels Partnership

    A new plaque proudly hangs on the walls of ACC’s Health Sciences building at Eastview Campus — celebrating five years of making a difference in the community.

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  • RN-to-BSN Application Period for Fall 2024 is open

    The RN-to-BSN Program Fall 2024 registration period is open until June 1, 2024. For more information, please visit the RN-to-BSN Application Process page.

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  • TEAS Testing Requirements for Health Sciences Applicants

    A TEAS Exam score is required to apply to the following programs: Dental Hygiene, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Radiology, and Vocational Nursing.

    If you are not applying to one of the programs above, then you are not required to take the TEAS Exam at this time. Please refer to the Application Process page for your program to see all application requirements.

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