Departmental Common Course Objectives: 1301

After completing History 1301 the student should be able to:

1. Describe the European background of New World colonization and identify motives of those who migrated to the western hemisphere.

2. Explain the diversity of English speaking colonies of North America.

3. Describe the societies that evolved in the English colonies of North America, together with the development of unfree labor systems.

4. Explain the economic and political relationships between the English colonies and the Mother Country.

5. Describe the economic, religious and political developments in eighteenth century Colonial America.

6. Identify the wars fought by English colonists in North America and evaluate the impact of those wars, particularly the French and Indian War.

7. Trace the growing alienation of the colonies from Great Britain, which ended with the decision to declare independence.

8. Describe the course of the American Revolution to the winning of Independence, including the significant campaigns and the diplomatic maneuvers that helped gain victory.

9. Explain the impact of the American Revolution on American society and politics and the problems that arose after independence.

10. Describe the restructuring of the Republic at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the fight for the ratification of the Constitution.

11. Trace the rise and development of political parties during the 1790s, including the contributing domestic and foreign policy differences and the attempted suppression of the Republicans by the High Federalists.

12. Describe the key events and developments of the Jefferson and Madison administrations, including the attempts to avoid war with Britain, together with the outcomes of the War of 1812.

13. Describe the territorial expansion and economic developments after the War of 1812.

14. Trace the social, economic and political developments of the Jacksonian Era which democratized the United States and transformed the party system.

15. Identify the religious developments and reform movements of the Antebellum Era.

16. Describe the territorial and internal expansion of the United States during the 1830s and 1840s, including the war with Mexico.

17. Trace the expansion of slavery in the early nineteenth century and explain the effects of that expansion.

18. Describe the African American experience under slavery.

19. Explain the events from the Compromise of 1850 to the election of 1860 that led to the disruption of the union.

20. Trace the course of the Civil War from secession to Appomattox, paying particular attention to the social, economic and political effects of the conflict.

21. Describe the reconstruction of the South and explain its failure.

22. Identify the major problems of the Grant administration and evaluate his handling of those problems.